Smart Keys

As driving technology advances, smart keys are becoming increasingly present among drivers. Smart keys are different from the standard transponder key and fob. Some vehicle makes and models come with a smart key, but some have the option to upgrade. No matter the scenario, these keys are growing in popularity because of the convenience and safety they provide the driver. Embassy Locksmith is happy to service smart keys and the many makes and models that use them.

What is a Smart Key?

A smart key is an advanced piece of technology, allowing the user to access a paired vehicle electronically. The design allows the user to unlock, lock, open the trunk, and start the car by a simple fob. Some keys feature traits that lock or unlock the car whenever the user walks away or approaches. When it comes to starting the vehicle, the car detects the smart key via antennas. The user can then press the start button and be on their way.

The first smart key was introduced in 1996 by Mercedes-Benz and developed by Siemens. The new system replaced the infrared key that was introduced ten years before. Since then, various car manufacturers have introduced their own smart key systems. Each brand has coined a different term for the device, such as “keyless access system” or “passive keyless entry.” Regardless of what it’s named, the technology is similar in each iteration.

Does Embassy Locksmith Program Smart Keys?

Yes! Embassy Locksmith services all types of car keys. Smart keys are the newest introduction of keys in our evergrowing service capabilities. The technicians we have on our team continue to educate and train themselves on the latest technologies. From reprogramming a new smart key to gaining access to a vehicle with smart key technology, our locksmiths complete the job with the highest level of professionalism.

You can call or text Embassy Locksmith when you need service for your smart key. Smart keys run on batteries, which deplete over time. A technician can replace the battery for you without hassle. Additionally, we can replace your old smart key if you lose it. Reprogramming a fresh, smart key for your car is possible, but may take some time. Above all, a technician with comprehensive knowledge of the industry will complete the job you request.