Residential Locksmith

The residential communities of Houston can take advantage of Embassy locksmith. With an extensive background in the locksmith industry, we have the experience and resources to improve your home’s safety and security. 

Residential Lock Installation

Most homes in the United States use a lock known as a pin tumbler. In fact, the pin tumbler lock is the most common type of lock in the world. Residential and commercial sectors use this popular lock because it’s affordable and widely available.

Unfortunately, pin tumbler locks are susceptible to lock picking and lock bumping methods. What is lock bumping? Lock bumping is a malicious method of manipulating a lock to open without a proper key. It requires a specifically cut bump key and a rubber mallet or another solid object to impact the key’s end.

In order to prevent being a victim of these methods, you can upgrade to high-security locks that protect you. At Embassy Locksmith, we are capable of installing a wide variety of locks for your home. At the same time, we can also help you get back inside after a lockout, rekey current locks, and install deadbolts or knob sets.

High-Security Locks

Our many different residential services are aimed to increase your home’s safety and security. Nothing is more important than protecting your loved ones. Our technicians install the locks you want, so you are safer when protecting yourself and others. High-security locks make significant advancements in your home’s security. 

High-security locks are devices that prevent lock picking and lock bumping methods. The best high-security locks also prevent thieves from drilling through the mechanism. Some locks are fitted with features that are unable to be manipulated by intruders in aspects of their design. High-security locks significantly increase your home’s security because they stand up to a variety of burglary methods.

If you are interested in upgrading your home’s safety features, then contact Embassy Locksmith. We want to add you to our long list of satisfied clients. Fortunately, doing that is only a phone call away.